The Waste Makers

Packard, Vance
Publisher:  Pocket Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1967   First Published:  1960
Pages:  306pp   Price:  75 cents  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7723

Packard criticizes the development of an economy and a society based on deliberate waste.


Table of Contents

Part I: The Developing Dilemma
1. City of the Future?
2. The Nagging Prospects of Saturation
3. "Growthmanship"

Part II: In Response, 9 Strategies
4. There's Always Room for More
5. Progress Through the Throwaway Spirit
6. Progress Through Planned Obsolescence
7. Planned Obsolescence of Desirability
8. How to Outmode a $4,000 Vehicle in 2 Years
9. America's Toughest Car - and Thirty Models Later
10. The Short, Sweet Life of Home Products
11. Fashion Lines for the Kitchen
12. The Repairman's Paradise
13. Progress Through Planned Chaos
14. Selling on the Never-Never
15. Hedonism for the Masses
16. Progress Through Proliferation of People

Part III: Implications
17. Ever-Mounting Consumption?
18. The Vanishing Resources
19. The Commercialization of American Life
20. The Changing American Character

Part IV: Some Suggested Courses
21. Restoring Pride in Prudence
22. Restoring Pride in Quality
23. Respecting the Eternal Balance
24. Facing the Unmet Challenges
25. Achieving an Enduring Style of Life

Reference Notes

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