Venna Connosco - Come With Us

Canadian's Press and Children From Grade 5/6 Class, Shirley Street School
Publisher:  DEC Films, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Resource Type:  Slide Show
Cx Number:  CX771

During the spring of 1977, a group of children from a grade 5/6 class went out into their neighbourhood and photographed workers, tradespeople, family members, firends and neighbours. The end result: a delightfully perceptive slide- tape show, VENHA CONNOSCO.
The children were responsible for the sequence of slides, contributed the ideas and context for the narration and recorded the soundtrack themselves.What emerges from the montage is that the creativity and perception of children (and adults) can blossom if what they explore is part of their own lives. For children, VENHA CONNOSCO is exciting, stimulating and entertaining and can help to lead to them easily in projects of their own. For educators it can be a classroom model that utilizes the concepts and techniques discussed in the film STARTING FROM NINA ( See CISS 662)
Also available to complement both the film and the slide show is the book COME WITH US, published by the Women's Press, 280 Bloor St., W., Room 205, Toronto, Ont.
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