The Unknown Revolution 1917-1921

Publisher:  Black Rose Books, Montreal
Year Published:  1974   First Published:  1947
Pages:  717pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7706


Table of Contents

Introduction: Some Essential Preliminary Notes

Part I - Birth, Growth and Triumph of the Revolution (1825 - 1917)
1. The First Fruits (1825 - 1905)
i) Russia at the Beginning of the 19th Century: Birth of the Revolution
ii) Repression, Violence and Failure: Development Continues (1825 - 1855)
iii) Reforms, Resumption of the Revolution, 'The Failure of Tsarism' and the Failure of Revolution, Reaction (1855 - 1881)
iv) The End of the Century: Marxism; Rapid Revolution; Reaction (1881 - 1900)
v) The 20th Century: Hasty Development: Revolutionary Advance: Results (1900 - 1905)
2. The Jolt (1905 - 1906)
i) The Gaponist Epic; First General Strike
ii) The Birth of the "Soviets"
iii) The Disastrous War: Victory of a Revolutionary Strike
iv) Defeat of the Revolution: Evaluation of the Jolt
v) The "Pause" (1905 - 1917)

Part II - Bolshevism and Anarchism
1. Two Conceptions of the Revolution
i) Two Opposing Conceptions of Social Revolution
ii) Causes and Consequences of the Bolshevik Conception
2. About the October Revolution
i) Bolsheviks and Anarchists Before October
ii) Anarchist Position on the October Revolution
iii) Other Disagreements
iv) Some Reflections
3. After October
i) The Bolsheviks in Power; Differences Between the Bolsheviks and the Anarchists
ii) The Fatal Descent
iii) The Anarchist Organizations
iv) The Unknown Anarchist Press in the Russian Revolution
v) Some Personal Experiences
4. Repression
i) The Preparations
ii) The Discharge
iii) Unrestrained Fury
iv) The Case of Leon Tchorny and Fanny Baron
v) The Case of Lefevre, Vergeat and Lepetit
vi) A Personal Experience
vii) The Final Settlement
viii) The Extinguisher
ix) The Deception of Visiting Delegations
x) Bolshevik "Justice"
5. The Bolshevik State
i) Nature of the Bolshevik State
ii) Situation of the Workers
iii) Situation of the Peasants
iv) Situation of the Functionaries
v) Political Structure
vi) General View
vii) Achievements
viii) Counter-Revolution

Part III: Struggles for the Real Social Revolution
1. Kronstadt (1921)
i) Geographical Notes
ii) Kronstadt Before the Revolution
iii) Kronstadt as the Vanguard of the Revolution
iv) Kronstadt Turns Against the Bolshevik Imposture
v) Last Act: The End of Independence

Part II - Ukraine (1918 - 1921)
1. Mass Movement in the Ukraine
2. Formation of the Makhnovist Insurrectionary Army
3. Denikin's Offensives and Final Defeat
4. The Makhnovists in the Liberated Regions
5. Wrangel's Offensive and Defeat
6. Third and Last War of the Bolsheviks Against the Makhnovists and Anarchists: Defeat of the Insurrectionary Army
7. The Fate of Makhno and Some of His Comrades: Epilogue
8. Testament of the Makhnovshchina to the Workers of the World

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