The National Missionary Council Resource File

Publisher:  National Missionary Council, Scarborough, Canada
Year Published:  1976  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX77

An information package offered to assist in identifying agencies of similar interests.

Abstract:  The National Missionary Council Resource File is offered to mission-minded individuals and groups to assist them in identifying and locating agencies and institutions of interests similar to their own with the purpose of sharing information, guidance, spiritual, moral and financial support. The agencies and organizations listed offer a wide variety of services ranging from literature and audio-visual aids, speakers and organizers, research facilities, training programmes, to project guidance and participation, and fund channelling. The information was obtained from Church, Government and non-government sources, direct enquiries and personal contacts. A selection was made of agencies which are involved a) in pastoral and/or development work, and b) in raising awareness among Canadians. The National Missionary Council Secretariat will assist in planning and implementing missionary programmes at home and abroad. A referral service for lay persons who would like to devote themselves as lay missionaries in Canada or abroad is also offered.

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