Cross-Cultural Learner Centre
Organization profile published 1978
Year Published:  1978
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX768

The London Cross- Cultural Learner Centre prepares and presents programmes that are intended to help Canadians become more aware of economic, political, social and cultural relationships within the international,national and local communities. The programmes are designed (a) to show the interdependence of societies, and the imbalances that can occur in their interaction; and (b) to clarify the causes and effects of the problems that face the global community.Individuals are encouraged to pursue their own unique interests in these areas. Particular attention is given to the people and the nations of Asia, Africa,the Caribbean and Latin America, and to Canadian ethnic groups and native peoples.
It is hoped that through a study of different cultures and lifestyles, Canadians will begin to respect these cultures, and will reflect on the values inherent in their own lifestyles. Through an examination of political and economic forces, Canadians might raise questions concerning the effect of their and their country's actions on the lives of others.
The Centre's activities are based on the premise that we can no longer ignore those people with whom we are unfamiliar, and that we must understand them and the forces that affect them if we are to realize the goal of human development throughout the world.
Audio- Visual Catalogue. 1978. This 111 page catalogue lists videotapes, slide- tape shows and films alphabetically and geographically. Annotations supply information giving running time, audience level, colour or black and white, release date source and format. Costs: Videotapes and Slide- tape shows: $10.00, Films: $5.00.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1978.
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