Songs of the Workers
To fan the flames of discontent

Publisher:  Industrial Worker of the World, Chicago, USA
Year Published:  1973   First Published:  1917
Pages:  64pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7659

The little red songbook.


Table of Contents

All Hell Can't Stop Us
Are You A Wobbly?
Banner of Labor
Blanket Stiff
The Boss
Casey Jones-The Union Scab
Christians At War
Commonwealth of Toil
Dollar Alarm Clock
Dump The Bosses Off Your Back
Fifty Thousand Lumberjacks
The Four Hour Day
General Strike Song
Hallelujah, I'm A Bum!
Harvest Land
Harvest War Song
Hold the Fort
I'm Too Old to be a Scab
The International
It's A Long Way Down To The Soupline
Larimer Street
The Lumberjack's Prayer
Mr. Block
My Wandering Boy
Mysteries Of A Hobo's Life
Out in the Breadline
Outa Work Blues
Overalls and Snuff
The Popular Wobbly
The Portland Revolution
The Preacher and the Slave
The Prison Song
The Rebel Girl
The Red Feast
The Red Flag
Scissor Bill
Scissorbill's Song
Solidarity Forever
The Song of the Rail
Stand Up! Ye Workers
Stick'Em Up
Stung Right
There is a Power In A Union
They Are All Fighters
The Tramp
Union Maid
We Have Fed You All For A Thousand Years
We Will Sing One Song
Where the Fraser River Flows
The White Slave
Workers of the World Awaken
Workingmen, Unite

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