The Naked Society

Packard, Vance
Publisher:  Pocket Books of Canada, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1964
Pages:  306pp   Price:  75 cents   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7528

An expose of the forces which are increasingly depriving Americans of their right to privacy.


Table of Contents


Part I: The Mounting Surveillance
1. The Individual at Bay
2. 5 Forces Undermining our Privacy

Part II: Some Specific Areas of Assault
3. How to strip a Job-seeker Naked
4. The Hidden Eyes of Business
5. Where is all the Distrust of Jobholders Leading?
6. The very public lives of public servants
7. The watch over the teachers
8. Are we conditioning students to police state tactics?
9. How safe is thy castle?
10. The unlisted price of financial protection
11. The lively traffic in facts about us

Part III: Assaults on Traditional Rights of Free Citizens
12. The Right to a Private, Unfettered Life
13. The Right to have Unfashionable Opinions
14. The Right to be free of Police Maltreatment
15. The Right to be free of Bureaucratic Harassment
16. The Right to be free of Mind Manipulation

Part IV: If Personal Liberty is to be Sustained
17. The Bill of Rights under siege
18. What we can do to protect ourselves


Subject Headings

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