Moral Threats and Dangerous Desires
AIDS in the News Media

Lupton, Deborah
Publisher:  Taylor & Francis
Year Published:  1994
Pages:  186pp   Price:  $27 pb, $75 hc   ISBN:  0-74840-180-6 (pb), 0-74840-179-2 (hc)
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7524

"The mass media have played a key role in constructing public understandings of the epidemic. In the majority of instances, HIV-related disease has been presented as a condition affecting social and/or demographic minorities -- groups whose exceptional behaviour has put them at special risk. Yet at the same time, HIV and AIDS are said to threaten us all: be we heterosexual, lesbian or gay, be we young or somewhat older; be we of minority or majority ethnic status."

Subject Headings

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