The Marxian Legacy

Howard, Dick
Publisher:  Macmillan Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1979   First Published:  1977
Pages:  340pp   ISBN:  0-333-23246-1
Library of Congress Number:  HX56   Dewey:  355.4'09'046
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7510

Working within the Marxian legacy, Howard poses is problems across the fields of philosophy, sociology, political science and history.


Table of Contents


Part One: Introduction
1. The Theory and Praxis of Dialectical Theory
i) Dialectical Method as Critique
ii) The Importance of the Difference
2. The Future as Present: Theoretical and Political Implications
i) Prelude … and Fugue!
ii) Problems of Definition and Method
iii) Intellectual Roots
iv) Social Roots
v) Tactics, Themes and Practice
vi) Implications and Questions

Part Two: Within Marxism
3. Theory, the Theorist and Revolutionary Practice: Rosa Luxemburg
i) Revolutionary Practice and its Theory
ii) The Theorist and her Practice
iii) Revolutionary Theory
4. Marxism and Concrete Philosophy: Ernest Bloch
i) Bases of Bloch's Dialectic: Actuality and Utopia
ii) Confrontation with Fascism and Development of the Dialectic
iii) Bloch v Frankfurt: Dialectics of Labour and Futurity
iv) The Problem of our Heritage

Part Three: Using Marxism
5. Towards a Critical Theory: Max Horkheimer
i) The Agenda
ii) A New Type of Theory
iii) Excursus: Herbert Marcuse on the Philosophical Genesis of Critical Theory
iv) Political Implications
v) The Independence of Critical Theory
6. From Critical Theory towards Political Theory: Jürgen Habermas
i) What is Late Capitalism?
ii) Marxism and Critical Theory
iii) Historical Materialism and Theory of Evolution
iv) The Tasks of Philosophy and the Question of the Political
v) The Political: Action or Institution?
7. The Rationality of the Dialectic: Jean-Paul Sartre
i) The Necessity of a Critique of Dialectical Reason
ii) The Foundations of the Dialectic
iii) The Dialectic of the Social World
iv) The Problem of Revolution
v) Concretisation and Critique

Part Four: Criticising Marxism
8. From Marxism to Ontology: Maurice Merleau-Ponty
i) Why Reread Merleau-Ponyt?
ii) Marxism and its Politics
iii) Towards a Reformulation
iv) The Question Re-posed
v) And Now?
9. Bureaucratic Society and Traditional Rationality: Claude Lefort
i) Developing Theory and Developing Society
ii) The Political and the Philosophical
iii) Philosophy Again
10. Ontology and the Political Project: Cornelius Castoriadis
i) The Political Critique of the Economic and the Economic Critique of the Political
ii) Organisation: The False but Necessary Debate
iii) Marxism: The Problem of Metaphysics
iv) Ontology: The Status of Theory and the Political Project
v) What is Revolution?

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