The Earth Belongs to the People
Ecology and Power

Publisher:  Peoples Press, San Francisco, USA
Year Published:  1973  
Pages:  45pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7395

Ecology is about everything that makes life possible. It is about the fact that all these things depends on each other, and if one goes, all suffer -- just like a house of cards. Ecology is a mtter of balance: the balance of life. Something is messing up the balance of life, and all of use are suffering.


Table of Contents

1. Too Many People?
2. Lots of Food and Lots of Hunger
3. Getting Out From Under
4. Pollution: Where's It From?
5. Pollution: Hot Air and Smokescreens
6. Pollution: Science Can Do Anything
7. Pollution: The Nature of the Beast
8. Victim
9. Putting It All Together: Vietnam and America's "Ecology Problem"
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