Solidarity (US) Founding Statement
Year Published:  1986
Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX7223

Adopted at the founding national convention of SOLIDARITY in the Spring of 1986.

the task of constructing a socialist alternative in the U.S. begins with the building of resistance, in large battles and small ones, in the unions and the broader social movements, to the economic and social assaults of capital. The participation of socialist activists in these daily struggles is far more important than the elaboration of complex schemes of "structural reform" for which there is no means of implementation.

We try to introduce relevant political ideas into these daily struggles, in any way we can, helping to link them together, to build alliances and ties of solidarity between them. This means participating in all fights for reform. But it also means introducing a broader vision of a society without exploitation or oppression. Such a society cannot be handed down from above; it requires that ordinary working people take control, collectively and democratically, over their lives.

Socialism is the society that workers and the oppressed will begin to build when they have taken power through a revolution that grows out of their daily struggles. It must be based on workers' democracy, meaning both workers' control of production and the exercise of political power through mass democratic institutions. Only through such institutions of workers' democracy can the working class keep the power it has won and use it to construct a new society.

Our socialist vision is therefore profoundly revolutionary and democratic, visionary and rooted in daily struggle, working class and feminist, anti-capitalist and anti-bureaucratic. Only by forging such an alternative at home can we ultimately fulfill our obligations to the struggles for freedom around the world.

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