Circles of Strength
Community Alternatives to Alienation

Forsey, Helen (ed.)
Publisher:  New Society Publishers, Gabriola Island, Canada
Year Published:  1993
Pages:  128pp   Price:  $11.95   ISBN:  1-55092-203-3 (pb)
Library of Congress Number:  HM131.C57 1992   Dewey:  305
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7026

Forsey, an activist and writer who works with the Federation of Egalitarian Communites has put together a collection of essays, and interviews with First Nations, religious orders and rural intentional communities giving their views and experiences as communities.


Table of Contents

Foreword: The Geometry of Chance - Judith Plant
Artwork - Maureen Swann
Regenerating Community: An Introduction - Helen Forsey

Part One: Crisis And Rediscovery
Reinhabiting the Earth: Genesis Farm - Miriam Therese MacGillis
* The Circle: An Invitation - Jaye Borden and Maureen Swann
Rules Which Made Them Strong - Jean Trickey
Intentional Community: Pioneering the Connections - Laird Sandhill
* Epuyen: A Patagonian Eco-community - Asociacion Lihuen Antu
Women Weave Community - Margo Adair and Sharon Howell
Rediscovering Tribalism - Gawitrha' and Gowengani

Part Two: Difficulties, Dilemmas And The Search For Balance
"The More We Do, The More We Know We Haven't Done," - Ira Wallace
* Community Ethics: A Word of Warning - Janet Biehl
Checking Ourselves Out: Power and Leadership in Community Work - Four Worlds Exchange with Lori Marum Doreen Sterling & Willy Wolf
* The Burwash Experience - Marge Piercy
Of Mice And Elephants: The Indivdual, Community and Society - Paige Cousineau
* The Death of the Small Commune - Marge Piercy
10. Community as Crucible - Laird Sandhill

Part Three: From Vision Reality: The Current Evolutionary Challenge
Sowing the Seeds of Change: An Urban Experience - Lucie Lavoie
A Passion for Women's World - Sonia Johnson and Jean Tait
* Eagle's Nest: A Native Community's Response to Violence - Maureen Miller
Krutsio: A Desert Metamorphosis - Adrian Aguirre
* The Michigan Womym's Worker Village - We Want The Music Company
A People of Place - Van Andruss and Eleanor Wright
Daughters of Growing Things - Rachel L. Bagby and Rachel E. Bagby
"Be What You've Come Here For" - Kay Chornook
* The Goose Story - Anonymous

Subject Headings

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