The Runaway Collage

Sharpe, David
Publisher:  Anansi, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  297pp   ISBN:  0-88784-155-4
Library of Congress Number:  LE3.R3S48 1987   Dewey:  378.713'541
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6727

Toronto's Rochdale College began as an experiment in living and learning, and ended as a symbpl of the flower-child Sixties, a financial and social controversy. Sharpe tells the story of the college's seven-year rise and fall.


Table of Contents


Part One: The Rise
1. The Seven-Year Itch
2. An Ideal Beginning
3. The Rock
4. The Rochdalians
5. The Changeling

Part Two: The Tyger Burning Bright
6. Pass/Fail
7. Govcon
8. Dismanagement
9. Independence
10. The Money Mess
11. Hipheaven
12. To Serve and Protect

Part Three: The 18-Story High
13. High Society
14. Under the Rock
15. Arts Daily
16. Business Unusual
17. A Symbol on Bloor

Part Four: The Rocking Cradle
18. The Fan
19. Danger Zone
20. To the Wall
21. Drug-Pros and Cons
22. The Great White Fathers

Part Five: The Fall
23. Invasion
24. Sirens at the Rock
25. Eviction
26. Afterwords


Subject Headings

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