The Ethical Slut
A guide to infinite sexual possibilities

Easton, Dossie; Liszt, Catherine A.
Publisher:  Greenery Press, San Francisco, USA
Year Published:  1997
Pages:  280pp   ISBN:  1-890159-01-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6708

A guide for anyone who dreams of having all the sex and love and friendship they want. Explores the skills and issues of a life beyond tradiational lifetime monogamy, from scheduling dates to handling jealousy, finding partners, resolving conflict, and raising children.

The authors write: "we are proud to reclaim the word 'slut' as a term of approval, even endearment. To us, a slut is a person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you. A slut may choose to have sex with herself only, or with the Fifth Fleet. He may be heterosexual, homesexual or bisexual, a radical activist or a peaceful suburbanite.
As proud sluts, we believe that sex and sexual love are fundamental forces for good -- activities with the potential to strengthen intimate bonds, enhance lives, create spiritual awareness, even change the world. And, furthermore, we believe that all consensual sexual choices have these potentials -- that any sexual pathway, consciously chosen and mindfully followed, can be a positive, creative force in the lives of individuals and their communities.

A slut shares his sexuality; the way a philanthropist shares her money -- because they have a lot to share, because it makes them happy to share it, because sharing makes the world a better place. Sluts often find that the more sex and love they give away, the more they have -- a loaves-and-fishes miracle in which greed and generosity go hand-in-hand to provide more for everybody."

Table of Contents

Part I: Within Ourselves
1. Who Is An Ethical Slut?
2. Values and Ethics
3. Paradigms, Old and New
4. The Language in This Book
5. Ancestors and Antecedents
6. Slut Skills
7. Slutstyles
8. Enjoying Sex

Part II: Between One Another
1. Boundaries
2. Slut Economies
3. Jealousy
4. Sluts in Love
5. Conflict
6. Agreements

Part III: In the World
1. A Slut's-Eye View
2. Health
3. Childrearing

Part IV: Having Fun
1. Finding Partners
2. Group Sex, Public Sex, Orgies
Conclusion: A Slut Utopia

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