Cities and the Wealth of Nations
Principles of Economic Life

Jacobs, Jane
Publisher:  Random House
Year Published:  1984
Pages:  260pp   ISBN:  0-394-48047-3
Library of Congress Number:  HT321.J319   Dewey:  330.9173'2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6699

Jacobs argues that virtually all economic life, no matter how geographically remote from cities, depends on cities to maintain it or change it.


Table of Contents

1. Fool's Paradise
2. Back to Reality
3. Cities' Own Regions
4. Supply Regions
5. Regions Workers Abandon
6. Technology and Clearances
7. Transplant Regions
8. Capital for Regions Without Cities
9. Bypassed Places
10. Why Backward Cities Need One Another
11. Faulty Feedback to Cities
12. Transactions of Decline
13. The Predicament


Subject Headings

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