Women Unite
An Anthology of the Canadian Women's Movement

Publisher:  Canadian Women's Educational Press, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1972
Pages:  191pp   Price:  $3     Dewey:  346.013
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6643

An anthology doucmenting the Canadian women's movement of the late 1906s and early 1970s.


Table of Contents


I. Women in Canada
Two Sisters in the Backwoods
The Women's Suffrage Movement in Canada and Saskatchewan
Sisters, Brothers, Lovers… Listen
Pie in the Sky

II. Strategies for Women's Liberation
Women's Work is Never Done
Red, White and Black
Radical Feminism
My Frustration (poem)

A. Alternatives to the Family
Sugar 'n' Spice
Collective Child Care in a Classy Society
Children are Only Littler People
Sussex Day Care
Birth Control Handbook
Impasse (poem)
Brief to the House of Commons
Statement to the Abortion Caravan

B. Economics of Working Women
Poverty: Canada's Legacy to Women
For a Sister (poem)
Fact Sheet on Working Women
Toward an Organization of Working Women
Salt of the Earth
Women on Welfare
No Days Off (poem)

C. Politics of Sex
Women and the Revolution
He Beats Her Off with a Rake (poem)
Sexual Myths
Poem in Two Voices
Lesbians Belong in the Women's Movement
On Being Pursued
Women in the Martial Arts
Isn't It Fulfilling to be in Love (poem)

Bibliography of Writings By and About Canadian Women

Subject Headings

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