Summerhill: For and Against

Ackerman, Nathan W. et al
Publisher:  Hart
Year Published:  1970  
Pages:  271pp   ISBN:  8055-1075-3
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6593

Essays discussing the ideas and pratice of A.S. Neill.


Table of Contents

1. Max Rafferty
2. John M. Culkin
3. Fred M Hechinger
4. Ashley Montagu
5. Louise Bates Ames
6. John Holt
7. Bruno Bettelheim
8. Eda J LeShan
9. Michael Rossman
10. Ernst Papanek
11. Goodwin Watson
12. Sylvia Ashton-Warner
13. Paul Goodman
14. Nathan W Ackerman
15. Erich Fromm

Subject Headings

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