On Education
Especially in Early Childhood

Russell, Bertrand
Publisher:  Unwin Books
Year Published:  1960   First Published:  1926
Pages:  171pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6466


Table of Contents


Part I: Educational Ideals
1. Postulates of Modern Educational Theory
2. The Aims of Education

Part II: Education of Character
3. The First Year
4. Fear
5. Play and Fancy
6. Constructiveness
7. Selfishness and Property
8. Truthfulness
9. Punishment
10. Importance of Other Children
11. Affection and Sympathy
12. Sex Education
13. The Nursery School

Part II: Intellectual Education
14. General Principles
15. The School Curriculum Before Fourteen
16. Last School Years
17. Day Schools and Boarding Schools
18. The University
19. Conclusion

Subject Headings

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