The New Radicals
A Report with Documents

Jacobs, Paul; Landau, Saul
Publisher:  Vintage, USA
Year Published:  1966
Pages:  333pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6454

An analytical portrait of the young radical activists who have repudiated traditional liberalsim and who seek a new vision of American through civil rights, university reform, and anti-war and anti-poverty activities.


Table of Contents

1. The Movement's Themes
2. The Movement's Origins
3. SNCC - One Man, One Vote
4. Students for a Democratic Society
5. The Leftovers
6. The FSM - Revolt Against Liberal Bureaucracy
7. The Vietnam Anti-War Campaign
8. Community Organizing
9. Ideology, Communism, and Coalition
10. Conclusion
The Documents
Chronology of Events

Subject Headings

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