The Making of the English Working Class

Thompson, E.P.
Publisher:  Penguin Books
Year Published:  1968   First Published:  1963
Pages:  958pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6368

Discusses the development of a working class consciousness from the 1790s to the Great Reform Bill


Table of Contents


Part One: The Liberty Tree
1 Members Unlimited
2 Christian and Apollyon
3 'Satan's Strongholds'
4 The Free-born Englishman
5 Planting the Liberty Tree

Part Two: The Curse of Adam
6 Exploitation
7 The Field Labourers
8 Artisans and Others
9 The Weavers
10 Standards and Experiences
I Goods
II Homes
III Life
IV Childhood
11 The Transforming Power of the Cross
I Moral Machinery
II The Chiliasm of Despair
12 Community
I Leisure and Personal Relations
II The Rituals of Mutuality
III The Irish
IV Myriads of Eternity

Part Three: The Working-Class Presence
13 Radical Westminster
14 An Army of Redressers
I The Black Lamp
II The Opaque Society
III The Laws against Combination
IV Croppers and Stockingers
V The Sherwood Lads
VI By Order of the Trade
15 Demagogues and Martyrs
I Disaffection
II Problems of Leadership
III The Hampden Clubs
IV Brandreth and Oliver
V Peterloo
VI The Cato Street Conspiracy
16 Class Consciousness
I The Radical Culture
II William Cobbett
III Carlile, Wade and Gast
IV Owenism
V 'A Sort of Machine'

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