Instead of Education
Ways to Help People Do Things Better

Holt, John
Publisher:  Dutton
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  250pp   ISBN:  0-525-13437-9
Library of Congress Number:  LB885.H6396   Dewey:  370.1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6337

Holt returns to the old truth that we learn things by doing them. He says this has been forgotten by today's educators, who believe we shouldn't start to do things until after they have been "learned."


Table of Contents

1. Doing, Not "Education"
2. The Myth of "Learning"
3. Doer Schools vs Educator Schools
4. Resources for Doers
5. More Resources for Doers
6. Sports Resources
7. Doers and their Teachers
8. More Teachers at Work
9. The True Authority of Teachers
10. On Human Nature
11. One of the Best Schools
12. The Failure of School Reform
13. What Schools Are For
14. What All Schools Must Teach
15. The Obedient Torturers
16. Schools into Schools
17. Why Teach?
18. Do We have a Chance?

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