Fighting Back
Urban Renewal in Trefann Court

Fraser, Graham
Publisher:  Hakkert, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1972
Pages:  298pp     Dewey:  352.008
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6289

A detailed report on the conflict between city bureaucrats and residents of Trefann Court, a five-block area just east of downtown Toronto. Bent on tearing down as a step towards urban renewal, the planners and government officials met organized resistance by homeowners, landlords and tenants for over six years.


Table of Contents


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1. The Turning Point: February 12, 1970

2. Trefann Court and Trefann People
Cabbagetown - The Make-up of Trefann - Looking Back - John Wawrin - Morton Montgomery - Ray and Phyllis Tomlinson - Gus and Edna Dixon - Margaret LeMay - Steve Necheff - George Brewer - The Trefann Mothers and the School Question

3. Good Intentions: 1934-1956
Toronto's Centennial; Unplanned Toronto; Old Neighborhoods and Slum Clearance; Regent Park

4. Planning Towards Trefann Court: 1956-1966
Redevelopment for Trefann - The Alexandra Park Problem - Pressure for Action - The 1966 Scheme

5. Down the Garden Path: 1966
Forming the Residents Association - The Community Organizers - Opposing the Plan

6. Bureaucrat Politics: January-May 1967
Walter Manthorpe

7. Expropriation - What's Yours is Negotiable
The Don Mount Expropriations - The Hold-Outs - The New Expropriations Act

8. The Split: September 1967-March 1968
The Cycle of Deterioration - The Cold Houses Incident - The Manthorpe Report - Organizers and Outsiders - The Benson Letter

9. Three Levels of Government: 1968-1969
City and Province - Federal Politicians - The Hellyer Task Force Reports

10. Electoral Politics: 1969
The Ward Boundaries Fight - Oscar Sigsworth - John Sewel and Karl Jaffary - The Mayoralty Campaign

11. All the King's Horses - The Planning Process (I)
The Establishment of the Working Committee - The Hiring of the Planner - First Steps in Planning - The Big Blow-up

12. Consensus and Control - The Planning Process (II)
The Social Objectives of the Scheme - The Long Delay - Ray's Lane - The Debate over the Acquisition of 438-440 Queen St.

13. The Scheme - Innovations, Problems and A Question of Power
Innovations - Rehabilitation - Technical Problems - The Fight over the Implementation Staff - Last Minute Pressures - The Plan is Passed: January 6, 1972 - Approval by the Municipality

14. Conclusion
How Much Power did Trefann Win? - The Question of Legitimacy - Lessons from Trefann




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