Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement

Barrot, Jean; Martin, Francois
Publisher:  Black and Red
Year Published:  1974  
Pages:  136pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6264

Essasys on capitalism, class struggle, communism, Leninism, and ultra-leftism.


Table of Contents


I. Capitalism and Communism
A.) Wage-Labor as a Social Relation
B.) Community and the Destruction of Community
C.) Commodities
D.) Capital
E.) Competition
F.) Aspects of the Contradiction of Capital
G.) Proletariat and Revolution
H.) Formation of the Human Community
I.) The Communist Revolution
J.) Communism as a Present Social Movement

II. The Class Struggle and Its Most Characteristic Aspects in Recent Years: Re-Emergence of the Communist Perspective
A.) May, 1968, in France
B.) Strikes and Workers' Struggles Since 1968
C.) The Two Most Characteristic Aspects of the Strikes
D.) Forms of Action Which Cannot Be Recuperated: Sabotage and "Downtiming"
E.) Activity of Parties and Unions in the Face of the Communist Perspective

III. Leninism and the Ultra-Left
A.) The Problem of Organization
B.) The Content of Socialism
C.) The Law of Value
D.) The Contradiction of Labor-Time
E.) The Historical Limit of the Ultra-Left

1. Open Letter to the Conference of Revolutionary Groups to be Held in Britain in May, 1973
2. Notes on Trotsky, Pannekoek, Bordiga
3. Lettes on the Use of Violence

Subject Headings

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