Berkeley: The New Student Revolt

Draper, Hal
Publisher:  Grove Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1965
Pages:  246pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6182

This story of the “free speech” uprising on the Berkeley campus of the University of California was begun in the conviction that an extraordinary event, in an historical sense, had taken place before our startled citizenry; and that it should be described for history as it was.


Table of Contents:

Introduction by Mario Savio
1. “A New Generation of Students”
2. The Liberal Bureaucrat
3. Behind the Myth of Liberalization
4. The Myth: Two Showpieces
5. The Power Structure Triggers the Conflict
6. The Administration Clamps Off the Safety Valve
7. “What’s Intellectual About Collecting Money?”
8. The Clubs Fight Back
9. The First Sit-in and the Eight Suspensions
10. A Couple of Rebels
11. The Police-car Blockade Begins
12. Second Sit-in and the Greeks
13. Whose Law and Order?
14. “You Can’t Win!”
15. The Pact of October 2
16. Enter Red-baiting
17. The FSM Is Formed
18. Some Lessons in Good Faith
19. Standoff on “Free Speech”
20. Hidden Battle over Civil Rights
21. Return to Direct Action
22. The Regents Throw a Time Bomb
23. The Abortive Sit-in
24. Back to the Wars
25. The Big Sit-in
26. The Governor Calls the Cops
27. The Occupation by the Police
28. The Student Strike Starts
29. The Faculty and the Strike
30. The Administration Plans a Coup
31. Classic Drama in the Greek Theater
32. The FSM at the Peak
33. The Story of a Rumor
34. The Victory at the Academic Senate
35. End of the Beginning
36. Before the Second Round
37. The “Restoration” Coup
38. The FSM in Crisis
39. Regents versus the University
40. Why?
41. The Non-Radicals
42. “New Left” Balance Sheet
43. The “New Radicals” and the “Old Radicals”

Voices from Berkeley

The Academic Senate's Motions of December 8
Academic Freedom and Student Political Activity (From "A Suggestion for Dismissal")
An End to History by Mario Salvo
The Free Speech Movement and Civil Rights by Jack Weinberg
Are You All Right, Jack? (Graduate Coordinating Committee)
The Mind of Clark Kerr by Hal Draper
The Regents by Marvin Garson
On Mounting Political Action by James Petras
From the "FSM Newsletter"
Do Not Fold, Bend, Mutilate or Spindle
Catch-801 (Marvin Garson)
Freedom Is A Big Deal (Barbara Garson)
How to Observe Law and Order (Hal Draper)
The Byrne Report to the Board of Regents
Student Political Activities and the Civil Rights Revolution (from "A Suggestion for Dismissal")
The Campus and the Constitution (Berkeley-Albany ACLU)
The Position of the FSM on Speech and Political Activity (FSM)

Subject Headings

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