The Anarchists

Horowitz, Irving L. (ed.)
Publisher:  Dell, USA
Year Published:  1964
Pages:  640pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6172

From Diderot to Camus, from Thoreau to Vanzetti, a ringing roll-call of the great non-conformists and dissenters.


Table of Contents

Part one The Theory


Section one Anarchism as a Critique of Society
Denis Diderot The Fall of Natural Man
Errico Malatesta Anarchism and Government
Pierre Joseph Proudhon Property the Revolution
William Godwin The Rights of Man and the Principles of Society
Michael Bakunin Social and Economic Bases of Anarchism
Peter Kropotkin Modern Science and Anarchism
Benjamin R. Tucker State Socialism and Libertarianism
Rudolf Rocker The Ideology of Anarchism

Section two: Anarchism as a Style of Life
Joseph Conrad The Inspector and the Professor
Fyodor Dostoyevsky Underground Man
Leo Tolstoy What Is To Be Done?
Albert Camus Rebellious Man
Emma Goldman Love Among the Free
Sacco and Vanzetti "...we will fight until the last moment"

Section Three: Anarchism as a System of Philosophy
Max Stirner The Ego and His Own
Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience
Josiah Warren True Civilization and Personal Liberty
William Ernest Hocking Anarchism and Consent
Herbert Read Anarchism and Modern Society
Paul Arthur Schilpp Philosophy and the Social Crisis

Part Two The Practice
Section one The Historical Dimension
Gerald Brenan Anarchism in Spain
Richard Hostetter Anarchism Versus the Italian State
Samuel Yellen American Propagandists of the Deed
Barbara W. Tuchman Anarchism in France
Thomas G. Masaryk Land and Freedom: Peasant Anarchism in Russia
George Woodcock Anarchism in Latin America and Northern Europe
Alexander Berkman Kronstadt: The Final Act in Russian Anarchism
Hugh Thomas Anarchist Labor Federations in the Spanish Civil War

Section Two The Sociological Dimension
George Sorel Class War the Ethics of Violence
Paul Goodman On Treason against Natural Societies
Robert Presthus The Social Dysfunctions of Organization
Philip Selznick Revolution Sacred and Profane
Karl Shapiro On the Revival of Anarchism

A Postscript to the Anarchists

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