Woodcock, George
Publisher:  Pelican
Year Published:  1962
Pages:  480pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6170

Woodcock presents anarchism as a political philosophy, a system of social thought which aims at fundamental changes in the structure of society and particularly at the replacement of authoritraian states by co-operation between free individuals.


Table of Contents

One - Prologue

Part One - The Idea
Two - The Family Tree
Three - The Man of Reason
Four - The Egoist
Five - The Man of Paradox
Six - The Destructive Urge
Seven - The Explorer
Eight - The Prophet

Part Two - The Movement
Nine - International Endeavours
Ten - Anarchism in France
Eleven - Anarchism in Italy
Twelve - Anarchism in Spain
Thirteen - Anarchism in Russia
Fourteen - Various Traditions: Anarchism in Latin America, Northern Europe, Beitain, and the United States

Fifteen - Epilogue

Selected Bibliography


Subject Headings

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