As We Don't See It
Publisher:  Solidarity London
Pages:  30pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX5599

A clarification of Solidarity London's 1968 pamphlet, "As We See It." Distinction is placed between real socialism and the "exploitative privileged minorities" who controll(ed) the USSR and China, as well as the importance of controlling the means of production.

The power of the rulers feeds on the indecision and confusion of the ruled. Their power will only be overcome if confronted with ours: the power of a conscious and self-reliant majority, knowing what it wants and determined to get it. In modern industrial societies the power of such a majority will lie where thousands congregate daily, to sell their labour power in the production of goods and services.

Socialism cannot be the result of a putch, of the capture of some Palace, or of the blowing up of some Party or Police Headquarters, carried out 'on behalf of the people' or 'to galvanise the masses'. If unsuccessful, all that such actions do is to create martyrs and myths - and to provoke intensified repression. If 'successful', they would only substitute one ruling minority for another, i. e. bring about a new form of exploitative society. Nor can socialism be introduced by organisations themselves structured according to authoritarian, hierarchical, bureaucratic or semi-military patterns. All that such organisations have instituted (and, if 'successful', are likely to continue instituting) are societies in their own image.

The social revolution is no Party matter. It will be the action of the immense majority, acting in the interests of the immense majority. The failures of social-democracy and of Bolshevism are the failure of a whole concept of politics, a concept according to which the oppressed could entrust their liberation to others than themselves. This lesson is gradually entering mass consciousness and preparing the ground for a genuinely libertarian revolution.

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