Between The Lines Publishing House
Organization profile published 1978
Year Published:  1978
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX552

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This abstract was published in 1978:

"Between the Lines"(BTL), Canada's newest publishing house is a joint endeavor by the development Education Centre of Toronto and Dumont Press Graphix of Kitchener. BTL is run on a collective model and aims to make accessible to Canadians books that are critical in content and popular in form.

Thus far, BTL has produced two books. The first is a collection of essays on the Canadian Political Economy and examines the dependent nature of our country from a Marxist perspective. Topics covered include: The Canadian State, International Unions, Canada and the Third World, and the Position of Quebec. The books is called Imperialism, Nationalism and Canada and was published in cooperation with Hogtown Press. BTL had just finished publishing a book on Inco Ltd. Entitled The Big Nickel: Inco Home and Abroad. This book presents a comprehensive picture of Canada's largest mining company, a corporation which has been much in the news of late due to its massive layoffs in Ontario and Manitoba. The Big Nickel analyzes as corporate history, labor history, health and safety, pollution, corporate strategy, as well as Inco's new operations in Indonesia and Guatemala. The book was put together by the Development Education Centre and is important reading for a clearer understanding of forces that are so crucial in shaping Canadian lives.

BTL also has in the works two other books - one on the sociology of education and the other concerning the process of becoming a physician in our society.

In future BTL hopes to be putting out books which draw connections between politics and economics, the national and the international, history and the present, theory and the realities of life in society. In short, drawing links that tend to be obscured in the popular media and in our political culture.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1983:

BETWEEN THE LINES is alternate book publisher offering "critical and popular material on political economy, work, international affairs, ecology, and the politics of everyday life."
BETWEEN THE LINES has published a number of recent books relating to economic issues and alternate models of economic development. These include "The Women's Workbook"; "Out of Control: The Inside Story of Ontario Hydro"; "Power to Choose Canada's Energy Options"; "Cut and Run: The Assault on Canada"s Forests"; and "Against the Grain: The Dilemma of Project Food Aid".
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