Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Canada - 1910
Publisher:  Socialist Party of Canada
Year Published:  1910
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX5375

Tthe Socialist Party of Canada is the nucleus of the revolt of the slaves of Canada against capitalism. Its policy is to educate the slaves of Canada to an understanding of their position and organize them for concerted political action, to the end that they may wrest the powers of State from the hands of capital, and use them to strip the master class of its property rights in the means of production and to make these the collective property of the producers.

The class line can only be drawn between the possessors and the dispossessed. Here the interests of all the members of each class are identical. It is to the interest of all the dispossessed to regain possession; of all the possessors to retain it. Between them alone is the class struggle, and political power is the weapon. The class that has not that weapon is absolutely at the mercy of the class that has. By means of the state they are held in subjection, and by means of the state they can alone be emancipated. The state it is that guarantees to the master class ownership in the means of production. Not a title deed but is issued under the aegis of the government, and it is the government that must protect and defend the owners in the enjoyment and possession of their property. The government it is also that can revoke all these titles. The state is the sword of the master class. It lives by the sword and by this sword it shall perish. The class struggle must, therefore, be a political struggle. A struggle on the part of the workers to wrest from the hands of their masters that sword ? the state ? and use it against them. To such a struggle there can eventually be but one outcome. The very numbers of the workers which, on the industrial field spelled defeat, on the political field make victory certain.

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