Toward a New Constitution?

Publisher:  Canadian Voice for Independence, Ottawa, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Pages:  4pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX510

This editorial in Canada Voice is published by a group of Canadians from many walks of life who are opposed to U.S.control of our country.They are building a Canadian independance party to engage in parlimentary and extra-parlimentary activities.They support a mixed economy which is Canadian owned, public ownership of the resources industries, equality of women,Canadian culture and independent Canadian unions.To these ends, they are consulting organizations that represent Quebecois, native people, farmers,community and regional interestsm as well as labour unions, cultural organizatioms and women's groups.

The editorial comments favourably on the June-July issue of Canadian Forum which featured a statement by the 46 person"Committee for a New Constitution".It asserted that English speaking Canada has the will to survive as an independent nation, regardless of the choice that people of Quebec make about their future.They are also calling for a new Canadian Constitution.

Canada Voice supports the basic principles outlined in the Forum:recognition of Quebec's right to choose its own constitutional feature by free and democratic means;the parallel right of English-speaking Canada;and the obligation of both communities to conduct negotiations with one another in a spirit of a good will aimed at mutual accords.

Besides a new constitution, Canada Voice states the need for fundamental economic change and a new basis for the country in which regions like Atlantic provinces, the west and the north have the opportunity to develop as equal partners in a truly independent country.

Also in the newspaper are articles on index pensions as a right for every working Canadian and English-speaking Quebeckers who supports the language Bill 101.

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