National Pensioners and Senior Citizens' Federation Brief to the Government of Canada

Year Published:  1977  
Pages:  4pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX495

Resolutions regarding the needs of seniors.

Abstract:  The National Pensioners and Senior Citizens' Federation represents Senior Citizens' Associations and Federations in every province of Canada. In September, 1977, representatives from across Canada met in Niagara Falls, Ontario to study and act on pertinent problems and needs of older people. Contending that the opinions and decisions of this convention represent generally the thinking and feelings of Canada's seniors, the federation adopted a number of resolutions which it submitted in brief to all members of the Federal Parliament and Senate. Some of these resolutions are listed below: 1) Given the inflationary spiral and rising living costs (which are increasing faster than the quarterly and Guaranteed Income Supplement) the federation requests that the old age security be increased to $200.00 per month and that the guaranteed income supplement be increased proportionately. 2) the federation urges air, rail, ferry and bus transportation companies to reduce their regular fares by 50 percent to seniors sixty years of age and over, so that they can visit relations and enjoy Canada which they helped to build. 3) the federation urges the Canadian government and the ministry of the environment to intensify its program and efforts to control all forms of pollution in Canada and elsewhere. 4) the federation requests that the Federal Senior Citizens' New Horizons Programs be expanded and that the National Association of Seniors pledge continued support for such programs. 5) Finally, the federation urges all parties of the Federal Government to establish a National Department of Senior Citizens' affairs whose special responsibility will be devising new programs and new policies to improve the basic lifestyle of Canada's senior men and women at the earliest possible date.
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