Development Education Action
Organization profile published 1977

Publisher:  Development Education Centre, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX494

Development Education Action (DEA) is a reflection-action group composed of senior citizens.

Connexions has published numerous abstracts on the Development Education Action.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1977:

Development Education Action (DEA) is a reflection-action group composed of senior citizens. DEA grew out of a belief that many other people want "something beyond" existing programs; and that they would like to be involved with others who are engaged in serious research and action on issues of common concern. The following are some of their concerns and views: 1)"that we will recognize the struggle that has gone on in Canada for financial, housing and health measures which give greater security for Canadians in the later years. 2) that we will become aware of the need to articulate our belief that much more struggle is required if older people in Canada are to regain their independence and become creative people again. 3) that by looking at life for older people in an entirely different system than our own, we may see other possibilities for he Canadian situation. 4) that, as we look at new possibilities in Canada, we will begin to see that our struggle to be rid of the myths about again, to change the attitude toward the elderly, to enhance the quality of life in the later years, is very much related to the struggle of others for independence, fulfillment and greater security."

Out of their discussion and work together, DEA decided to make a slide-tape montage about growing old in China and Canada; some DEA members have lived and worked in China before the revolution and some have visited their in recent years. The montage entitled "The Old Ones"(28 mins.) is available for rental ($20.00) and contains a kit with resources to maximize the use of the slide-tape. A brochure describing DEA's history and goals is also available.

Development Education Action will be glad to assist others who are interested in forming such a group.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1982:

Development, Education and Action (DEA) is an intergenerational, non-profit organization concerned about aging. DEA "views the individual not as a separate entity, divorced from social processes, but as an integral and inter-dependent part of the larger society, with an obligation to participate in and contribute to the society." The purpose of DEA is to provide:

1) a framework in which old and young people may analyse the social, cultural, economic and political structures affecting Canadians;

2) some resources to facilitate such study; and

3) support for collective action relating to this analysis.

The work of DEA is organized to combat the definition of old age as a "problem" and to address the health, income, housing and participation needs of older people. A number of strategies are employed. A school program allows older members of DEA to make presentations and share dialogue and experiences with young people. A drop-in discussion group meets bi-weekly to discuss topical concerns. In addition, DEA has produced (for lease and/or sale) two slide-tape montages: "The Old Ones: Growing Old in China and Canada" raises questions about societal strategies and myths about aging; "In Our Homes" stresses the need for older people to actively contribute in society and presents models for community planning.
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