National Anti-Poverty Organization Housing Program
Organization profile published 1977

Publisher:  National Anti-Poverty Organization, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX478

Recently the National Anti-Poverty Organization initiated the start of its housing program with pilot projects in Parson's Pond and Three Mile Rock, Newfoundland.

Connexions has published multiple abstracts on the National Anti-Poverty Organization.

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This abstract, regarding the National Anti-Poverty Organizations's housing program, was published in Connexions Digest in 1977:

Recently the National Anti-Poverty Organization initiated the start of its housing program with pilot projects in Parson's Pond and Three Mile Rock, Newfoundland. Using the principles of the NAPO self-help development corporation proposal (see CISS #416) NAPO has attempted to design a program to bring decent housing and employment to the poor of Canada. NAPO hopes to bring these programs to communities in Newfoundland starting with the Northern Peninsula. Projects in at least two other provinces are being planned for 1978; the situation in New Brunswick and in urban areas are presently being investigated.

The most significant contribution of NAPO's involvement is the expertise of many volunteers in the construction business. NAPO has formed a construction arm called NAPO-CON which will employ the unemployed, train some people in various aspects of construction and provide volunteer consultants for everything from land planning engineering to cost accounting. Planning the program also involved consultation with experts in job training, employment, business, economics, government departments, and social services. Members of the community itself were also consulted. Parson's Pond was chosen because it marks the start of an economically depressed area. The program will continue to move northward.

At this moment, the project consists of repairing and building new houses for the working poor and those on fixed incomes. The program also creates employment in an area where the unemployment rate is 80%. By 1978, NAPO hopes to see repairs completed on at least twenty houses and at least five new houses built; in addition approximately twenty jobs will be created.

The NAPO housing program is also taking advantage of existing programs under the National Housing Act. One N.H.A. program allows a write-off of the first $3,750.00 for repairs. Long term loans are provided for sums to $10,000. People who do seasonal work can have their payments deferred until they begin work. In cases where a new house is necessary, the potential buyer may cover the down payment through working on his house or through using his own land as a down payment. There is a twenty-five year mortgage which can be subsidized or negotiated according to the owner's income.

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This abstract was published in Connexions Digest in 1983:

The NATIONAL ANTI-POVERTY ORGANIZATION is a grass-roots organization,founded in 1971 to be "the united voice of groups and individuals across the country who live in, or on the verge of poverty." It is an independent organization, with no political affiliation. NAPO's objectives include: an adequate guaranteed annual income; community controlled economic development; political involvement and participation by the poor; and, adequate housing for all.
NAPO monitors new government legislation and policies, joins and forms lobby groups, and acts as a clearing house for information concerning poor people. Members are available as a resource to local and provincial anti-poverty groups,"providing information and support about how to get started, and how to find support". A major part of NAPO's work at this time deals with communication. Extensive visiting of groups across the country is complemented by publications addressing poor people's concerns.
NAPO NEWS is a bilingual quarterly publication that highlights NAPO activities and news from across the country. "All of Us Together" is a 16-page booklet that explores the myths and realities of Canadian poverty. "Medicare Alert!!" is an information kit that describes how Medicare has benefitted the poor and how groups of low income people can become more involved in the fight to save Medicare. It includes a list of provincial health coalitions. All of these, and information about regional NAPO representatives are available from the national office.
NAPO is working to breathe new life into selfhelp projects. Local, regional and provincial groups will become the building blocks for a strong national anti-poverty organization which can speak and be heard on issues of concern to all people.

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[This organization was renamed "Canada Without Poverty" in 2009.]
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