Ontario Coalition to Preserve Food Land
Organization profile published 1977

Year Published:  1977
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This coalition consists of organizations concerned with the various issues of food land preservation in Ontario.

This coalition consists of organizations concerned with the various issues of food land preservation in Ontario. In rural policy and where there is no comprehensive land use policy, urban growth threatens to encroach on the best farm and food land (particularly in Southern Ontario and the Saint Lawrence Lowlands). It is estimated that one-half of the farmland lost to urban expansion is coming from the best one-twentieth of the farmland. While Ontario remains a net importer of food, the current market mechanism threatens to force food producers out of business and farmers off the land - the latter being unable to re-locate or compete with the urban-related industries.

The Coalition to Preserve Food Land has been created as a response to this situation. It seeks primarily to act as a facilitator to concerned groups providing them with strategies and information to take concrete action. Its purposes: 1) to emphasize that the preservation of food land is essential for the well-being of Canadians; 2) to bring together representatives of and information from organizations interested in food land preservation; 3) to create the opportunity for the co-ordination of the efforts of organizations to preserve food land in Ontario; 4) to focus public attention on issues involved in preserving food land in Ontario; 5) to seek a long term commitment from society on this issue; 6) to act on specific issues for which consensus is obtained from the Coalition assembly.

Since its inception in April 1977, the coalition has made contacts with over 150 organizations and individuals who share agricultural land use policy as a common ground for discussion and action. Correspondence has been initiated with the Minister of Agriculture and Food. In February, 1977 the above ministry released its "Green Paper on Planning for Agriculture - Food Land Guidelines." The Coalition's first action will be a response to this document by member groups who feel it lacks any real commitment to preserve the province's vital food-producing land.

This organization no longer exists.
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