To Change This House
Popular Education Under the Sandinistas

Barndt, Deborah
Publisher:  Between the Lines, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1991
Pages:  181pp   ISBN:  0-921284-36-5
Library of Congress Number:  LA461.B37   Dewey:  370'.97285
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4599

An account of how popular education transformed all aspects of life in Nicaragua following Somoza's overthrow in 1979. Throu8gh interviews, photographs, and analysis, Barndt explores the collective, participatory, critical way of learning that connects education to experience and seeks out the structural and historical causes of social problems.


Table of Contents

1. To Change This House: the Concept of Popular Education
2. David vs Goliath: Education and a History of Intervention
3. The Long Hard Road to Transformation: Public Education After 1979
4. Born of the Revolution: the Literacy Crusade and Adult Education Program
5. In Our Own Words and Images: Training in Popular Communications
6. What's Baseball Got to do with Health? The National Health Campaigns
7. Collecting Tomato Sauce Bottles: Women and Learning in the Revolution
8. From the Barrios: Learning to be Leaders. The Training of Community Workers
9. Preparing to Talk with the Pope: Education in Christian Base Communities
10. Looking Back and Moving Ahead: The Nicaraguan Revolution and Popular Education
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