Not for Profit, You Say!
An Operations Manual for Non-profit Organizations

Gahlinger-Beaune, Rosemary
Publisher:  Open-Up Poste Production, Burnaby
Year Published:  1990  
Pages:  238pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-9694328-0-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4581

Aa reference book on the management and operation of non-profit organizations.

Abstract:  Gahlinger-Beanune provides a reference book on the management and operation of a Canadian non-profit organization. She offers practical advice on a comprehensive range of technical and organizational issues.

The book is divided into six chapters, the first of which covers the planning necessary for starting up a non-profit. The second explains the composition and roles of the board of directors. The third gives advice on the successful operation of board meetings. The fourth looks at volunteer management. The fifth deals with different methods of fund raising. Finally, the sixth chapter is concerned with communication, such as public relations and advertising.

In all, the book provides a clear guide to the practical aspects of non-profits. Organizers, especially those without formal training, should find the practical and detailed advice helpful.

[Abstract by Jared Ong]
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