Women and Social Change
Feminist Activism in Canada

Wine, Jeri Dawn & Ristock, Janice L. (eds.)
Publisher:  James Lorimer & Company, Canada
Year Published:  1991  
Pages:  396pp   Price:  $24.95   ISBN:  ISBN 1-55028-356-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4519

Abstract:  This collection of essays provides useful learning and teaching materials on the Canadian women's movement, and is intended to foster feminist social change. The research and teaching methods used, honour and make women's perspective central and continuous and involve an intense focus on and the legitimization of women's experience.
Its three sections include: frameworks and strategies representative of feminist activism in the Canadian political context, with links to the global women's movement and specific examples of organizing efforts and forms such as the Saskatchewan Women's Coalition founding, the Ontario Farm Women's Movement, the Disabled Women's Network and the New Brunswick Tobique Women's Group's struggles with the federal Indian Act. The final part looks at innovative linkages of theory and practice, designed to bridge academic and non-academic barriers and provides a synthesis of academic and political work.
The variety of theoretical, organizational and strategic issues and political perspectives presented highlight current struggles in the community.

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