The People's Food Commission

Publisher:  Edmonton Learner Centre, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX429

Abstract:  On September 17, 1977, a network of groups concerned about the issue of food from a variety of prespective met in Regina, Saskatchewan. At this meeting, the People's Food Commission was conceived as a vehicle for furthering and maximizing the effectiveness of work done in past years on the food issue. The commission will stress the impotance of input from ordinary people. The public will be asked to voice their concerns and contribute their research related to food problems and alternate ways of organizing the economy to meet the needs of people.

National commisssioners will provide continuity by representing the commission in all areas of Canada and regional commissoners will be selected for their experience in a particular region or expertise in a particular aspect of the food issue. The commission will travel to communities across Canada where national and regional commissoners will hear evidence on the experience of Canadians with the food system as it operates nationally and internationally.

The Commission will encourage evidence in the form of written and verbal presentations as well as slide-tapes and pamphlets. The hope is to make the commission easily accessible to the public and to draw on the experience and creativity of people who are concerned about food issues.

From the evidence presented, the commission will produce a report in popular form, systhesizing the inputs they have received. This might later be presented to the government as a "People's Food Policy." In any case, it will be circulated among the participating groups, thus broadening the understanding of each contributor. As the Commission travels, there will be a major effort to gain press coverage and public interest.

This abstract was published in the Connexions Digest in 1977.
See also CX799, CX1054.

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