Canada's Social Programs Are In Trouble

Publisher:  Canadian Council on Social Development, Canada
Year Published:  1991  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4269

Abstract:  A coalition of social development organizations has produced an eight-page tabloid publications, entitled Canada's Social Programs Are in Trouble. The publication is directed against the new federal legislation, Bill C-69, which withdraws federal money from national social programs. The legislation would reduce money paid to the provinces under Established Program Financing for medicare and post-secondary education from its present level of $9 billion to zero by the year 2004. In addition, the bill would cap federal cost-sharing increases over the next two years for social assistance and social services in B.C., Alberta and Ontario to five per cent. According to the Canadian Council of Social Development, "this takes Canada down a road from which it can probably never return. It would represent a dramatic shift away from the federal government's commitment to vital health and social programs and helping those most in need, and would break down some of the strongest ties that bind us together as a nation."

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