Socialist Studies Conference

Year Published:  1991  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX4230

Abstract:  The 1991 Socialist Studies Conference, which takes place in conjunction with the annual Learned Societies Conference, will be in Kingston, Ontario, from June 1 to 4. For more information contact the National Office, Society for Socialist Studies, 471 University College, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 2M8 (Fax 204-261-0021, E-Mail VORST2@UOMCC). Among the sessions which have been proposed for the conference are Sexism and Racism in Universities and Society -- Social Transformation; The Future of Socialism; 1992: The European Conquest of the Americas; Ecology and the State; Historical and Contemporary Immigration Policies in Canada: Ideological and Racial Biases; Contemporary Social Movements; Regional municipalism -- An Ideological Overview; Extending democracy and social change: Process and strategies; Ethics of social transformation; Cultural politics and the left; The crisis in nursing; Critical Perspectives on Urbanism and Urban Environments; Anti-Racist Feminist Theory.

Subject Headings

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