Organizing for the 90s

Year Published:  1991
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX4219

On the sixth Labor Notes Conference.

The sixth Labor Notes Conference, on the theme Organizing for the 90s, will be held near Detroit April 19 - 21. The conference is intended to highlight "both the tactics used by activists to create strong and democratic organizations and the types of organizations we need to build to defend our living and working conditions." The organizers say that "we need to revive the idea that having a union means more than paying dues. It means being organized at the workplace to take action when our jobs, or the jobs of our sisters and brothers, are threatened." Contact Labor Education and Research Project, 7435 Michigan Avenue, Detroit MI 48210 U.S.A, (313) 842-6262, fax (313) 842-0227, E-Mail Peace-Net labornotes
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