Profiles of People in the Northwest Territories

Holmes, Douglas
Publisher:  James Lorimer & Company, Canada
Year Published:  1989
Pages:  225pp   Price:  $29.95   ISBN:  ISBN 1-55028-215-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4136

Notherners seeks to present the personal, human dimension of a third of our country -- that huge spread of 3.3 million square kilometres up north. The introduction reminds us that even though the entire population of the Northwest Territories could fit into the SkyDome, the people are as diverse as the densely populated band along our southern border. Written in a journalistic style, Northerners profiles 24 inhabitants of the Northwest Territories, each in about six pages. This seems limiting, but Holmes merges Stuart MacLean-like anecdotes with choice details to create touching, convincing portraits. Some portraits are of native leaders, some of politicians, some of those in business, some of ordinary citizens almost unknown.
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