The Debt Crisis

Publisher:  Ten Days for World Development
Year Published:  1990
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4114

Designed to produce grassroots support, this Ten Days resource packet outlines specific suggestions for constructive social change concerning the international debt.
As an organization, Ten Days consists of 225 local ecumenical committees working in concert across Canada. In 1988-89, they pursued this stated plan: "That local Ten Days For World Development committees enter into a dialogue with officials of the banks in their communities concerning the effect of the international debt crisis on people and on the environment in the debtor nations." The group is large and effective, having influenced government aid programmes throughout the eighties.
While always centering around international debt, the material in the packet varies considerably, consisting of essays for discussion and study, biblical reflections, proposed church services, prayer vigils, methodology, and personal testimonies. Also included is the important action guide, which outlines strategies for approaching and engaging bank managers, and running meetings.
A well-documented and thorough kit, it nevertheless is dependent upon effective work at the local level and needs a strong network of committed groups to take on the responsibility for local programmes.
Ten Days For World Development is supported by the Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada, the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, and by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

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