Marketing Your Books
A collection of profit-making ideas for authors and publishers

Ross, Marilyn and Tom
Publisher:  Communication Creativity
Year Published:  1990
Pages:  132pp   Price:  $9.95   ISBN:  ISBN 0-918880-21-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3970

An awful lot of non-profit organizations are finding themselves in the publishing business these days. Unfortunately, their publishing endeavours are often a money-losing or at best break-even proposition. This book suggests ideas for how small publishers and self-publishers can increase sales. Some of the topics include Creating Events, Capturing the Attention of Reviewers, Speaking as a Vehicle to Merchandise Books, and Newspaper Op-Ed Pages. Marketing Your Books contains some good ideas, but is a bit on the sketchy side in explaining how to take advantage of them.

Subject Headings

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