Blaming Others
Prejudice, Race and Worldwide AIDS

Sabatier, Renee
Publisher:  The Panos Institute and New Society Publishers
Year Published:  1988  
Pages:  188pp   Price:  $12.95   ISBN:  ISBN 0-86571-146-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3948

Abstract:  Blaming Others is a nonjudgmental analysis of blaming in the AIDS crisis. It documents and confronts the prejudices on which the worldwide AIDS hysteria is based. It shows that too much attention has been paid to casting blame and too little to action, especially in response to the growing vulnerability of the world's poor. It helps illustrate the Third World perspective on this issue.
Sabatier describes how AIDS is increasingly affecting the Third World countries and the ethnic minorities in the United States. The great challenge of AIDS, the author feels, is to comprehend and change the vulnerabilities which affect the view of AIDS. This must be accomplished by the full commitment of the vulnerable communities themselves.

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