Human Rights Directory
Latin America and the Caribbean (:Directorio de Organizaciones de Derechos Humanos)

Special Issue of Human Rights Internet Reporter, Jan. 1990
Publisher:  Harvard Law School
Year Published:  1990
Pages:  528pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-939338-05-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3937

"Definitive" is an overused word, but the volumes put out by Human Rights Internet certainly merit that description. This bilingual (English-Spanish) human rights directory covers Latin America and the Caribbean, providing country-by-country (and sometimes region-by-region) descriptions of human rights groups operating in each nation. Address and other factual information is given for each group, and there are fairly lengthy prose descriptions of each group's purpose and work. A well-organized and very valuable reference book.

Subject Headings

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