Metro World '91

Year Published:  1990  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3883

Abstract:  Toronto is hosting a conference in June 1991 which will bring together public interest groups, professionals, governments officials and industrialists, to discuss an urban environmental strategy which will in turn be presented to the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Brazil in 1992. Non-governmental organizations are being invited to participate. Metro World will also fund ten demonstration projects from around the world that have an urban environmental success story to tell in any of the theme areas of the conference (housing, feeding, moving, communicating, working, managing, financing, clean-up.) For more information, contact The Economic Development Division, Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, Office of the Chairman, 390 Bay Street, 4th floor, Toronto, Ontario M5H 3Y7. The Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy is interested in promoting the involvement of non-governmental organizations in the conference. Contact: Barbara Heidenreich, Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy, 400 - 517 College Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 4A2, (416) 923-3529.
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