A Critical Look at its Use In Saskatchewen.

Publisher:  Institute for Saskatchewan Studies, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Pages:  10pp  
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Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX386

Descritpion of an energy seminar that took place in and focused on Saskatchewan

Abstract:  "The real energy crisis is that governments are opting for the expansion of highly destructive and finite energy sources, when they could be taking serious steps to reduce energy consumption and using the time gained to develop renewable sources of energy...." 'These words summarize the theme of an energy seminar held at J.S.S. in 1976. The seminar discussion was compiled into a newsletter that sought to take a critical look at the energy question, particularly in Saskatchewan. In the energy seminar, both the macro questions (uranium refining plant and Saskatchewan Power) and the micro question of individual consumption were dealt with. One section of the newsletter entitled "Energy Basics", provides a broad educational perspective on the whole energy question through the use of charts, facts and figures. This section outlines the threat involved in stockpiling nuclear wastes and focuses on the urgency of this problem as it manifests itself in Saskatchewan, where both federal and provincial governments are co-operating in developing the nuclear industry. The newsletter also includes the text of a debate entitled: Resolved that the provincial government and the Saskatchewan Power Corporation are part of the energy problem and not part of the solution. Debating in the affirmative are representatives for Environment Probe (Saskatoon) and the Saskatoon Environmental Society. The negative is represented by the Saskatchewan Minister of Health and on the executive of the Saskatchewan Power Corporation. Another section of the newsletter reports the conclusions of a workshop held on energy conservation and alternative energy sources (particularly solar and wind). The participants discovered that the greatest need in these areas involves challenging public ignorance and affluent lifestyles. The newsletter concludes with an article which suggests ways of conserving energy in your own home.

Periodical profile published 1977
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