What about the Greens?

Hughes, F.P.
Year Published:  1989  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3816

Abstract:  Thank you for the complimentary copy of the Winter 1989 issue of Connexions. I was rather startled by your article, What Do We Do Now, though.

You write of the need for a new movement, ignoring the Green movement, which already exists! If it does not fit the movement as you envisage it, why not tell us the reasons? I am sure you know of us, because you have a news items about us, on p. 19.

The Green movement seems to fit the movement you are thinking of, because it has a political arm, the Green Party. There is no sense in having more than one environmental party. Last election, tens of thousands of votes were cast for Green candidates. Municipally, the Vancouver Greens got 40,000+ votes last election!

F.P. Hughes, Hawesbury, Ontario

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