'What can I Do?'
Citizen Strategies for Nuclear Disarmament

Woodworth, Elizabeth
Publisher:  Cream Books, Victoria, Canada
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  250pp   ISBN:  0-9692928-0-5
Library of Congress Number:  JX1974.7.W663   Dewey:  327.1'74
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3814


Table of Contents


Part I Preparing to Look
Chapter 1 The Runaway Arms Race: Inescapable Dilemma or Fragile System?
Chapter 2 The Structure of Apathy: A Break in the Vicious Circle
Chapter 3 How the Bomb Works: A Simple Look at Ultimate Energy

Part II Looking
Chapter 4 A Visit to Armageddon: One Megaton Versus One City
Chapter 5 A Middle-Sized War: Synopsis of Effects
Chapter 6 The Civil Defense Fraud: A Dangerous and Costly Illusion

Part III Preparing to Act
Chapter 7 The Nightmare: Inside the Mind of the Strategist
Chapter 8 The Game: Beyond the Mind of the Nuclear Strategist
Chapter 9 The Classic Forces for Change: Power, Imagination, and Love

Part IV Acting
Chapter 10 The Quality of Aliveness:Having Something to Lose
Chapter 11 Arms Reduction: The Politics of Non-Violent Action
Chapter 12 Negotiating for Peace: Winning for All
Chapter 13 Individual Opportunities: "What Can I Do?"

Appendix I Quotations from Military Professionals and Statesmen about War and Nuclear Weapons
Appendix II Suggested Readings in Exercise, Nutrition, and Stress Management
Appendix III List of Peace Groups
Appendix IV Soviet Contact Addresses
Appendix V Esperanto Books and Addresses
Appendix VI Peace Tax Fund and Conscientious Objectors' Addresses
Appendix VII Things You Can Do to Promote Peace
Appendix VIII The Price We are Already Paying for the Arms Race
Appendix IX Strategies for Noncooperation with Nuclearism


Subject Headings

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